Truth and Hope in These Dark Times

Never mix business with politics has always been my motto but there are times when this is not possible. On many occasions over the years clients have expressed their disatisfaction with the UK Government's Visa system; extortionate fees charged, double and over-charging, unfairness, poor service, unaccountability, etc. I have to agree with all these complaints as they are all very real and valid.

Now with the continuing immoral and illegal overreach of the UK Government (and Governments around the world) over the last few years it is time for us all to demand accountability of our Government and all those doing their bidding.

There are many movements and campaigns at the moment (although most are actively being suppressed by the mainstream media). I would like to highlight a few campaigns that I fully support and feel are very important to raise awareness of some of the most important and dangerous issues facing us all at the moment.

My offer to you

You may not agree with me and that is fine. In fact, we need a broard range of diversity of opinion in order to have a healthly functional society. All I ask is you listen, think and maybe do a little investigation yourself to come to your own conclusions. I am also very happy to discuss any issue further; just give me a call, we can chat on the phone or you can pop over for a more relaxed chat over a BBQ and a couple of beers.

As a BurtonVisa client rest assured that political or other views will never influence the effort and dedication we always put into our service to you; we will always strive to provide you the best possible service. We do not agree with or support discrimination, cancel culture or wokeness. We do stand for freedom, honesty and openness.