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I'M AWARE - Helping to Bring the News AND The Evidence

This is a campaign by the Lawyers of Light (also found here) that I fully agree with and support.

I'm aware of... Andrew Bridgen's speech in Parliament where he highlighted the harm caused by the Covid-19 injections.

I’m aware... that almost all MP’s got up and left rather than listen to the seriousness of what he had to say.

I’m aware... that the government spent billions of pounds of tax payer’s money on these experimental and harmful injections.

Andrew Bridgen's Speech:

His Words:

I’m aware ....that millions of people, including children across the world have now been injured and killed by these experimental Injections:

Harm Caused:

Harm Caused:

Latest US Data on Deaths and Injuries:

Including Deaths and Injuries in Children

Covid Injections Caused The Harm:

German Health Minister Confirms Harm Caused:

I’m aware... that govts knew the injections never worked yet they “forced” many people to take them in exchange for their basic human rights.

Pfizer never even tested they worked:

Lancet - July 2021 - Covid Injections Do not work:

I’m aware... in 2018 Mitchell was secretly filmed selling Brexit intelligence to actors posed as Chinese businessmen

I'm aware... in 2012 Mitchell denied acting as a "rogue minister" by providing a £16m cheque to Rwanda on his last day in the job

I’m aware... in 2010 Mitchell helped one of world's richest cocoa dealers... after receiving £40,000 to his parliamentary office

I’m aware... in 2013 Mitchell’s GP wife was involved in a “conflict of interest” scandal over £302 million of NHS money

I’m aware... Mitchell is now gender champion for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative

His role:

I’m aware... the Global Polio Eradication Initiative has raised $18 billion; a third from the Gates Foundation



Latest Harm:

I’m aware... in 2012 a judge concluded Mitchell had probably called police "plebs"


Vaccine Push:

£ Interests:

£10 billion wasted PPE

Tory Referrals = 10 x more likely to get contract; regardless of suitability

47 "Tory" companies worth £50bn

Storage costs for PPE of over £1bn; paid to same suppliers



NAO page 16:"high risk of fraud


Ayanda £250m -Liz Truss Aid

Medpro £200m Gove -Baroness Mone -received £29m in offshore account

365 Healthcare £131m – Lord Feldman

Globus Shetland £14m – Tory Donor

Meller Designs (Tory Donor) £160m - Michael Gove

Worldlink Resources £258m – Lord Agnew + MP Newmark

Uniserve £300m + £138m (to store excess PPE) Lord Agnew

Sumner Group Holdings £50m - Lord Chadlington

P14 Medical £276m Tory Councillor Steve Dechan

Global United Trading £800k -Dominic Cummings

Luxe Lifestyle £26m Tory Chair Greg Hands

Also See:

Pestfix- £350m -Bribes

Full Support H'care £2bn


Initially denied - "VIP Lane" also existed for T&T; 50 companies are now known to have benefited from Tory support

Appointments by Hancock of Dido Harding (Chair of the National Institute for Health Protection) and Mike Coupe as Director of Testing at Test and Trace were deemed by the High Court to be unlawful

PM also found to have broken the law in appointing Dido Harding as Chair of Test and Trace

Harding is the wife of John Penrose MP and friend of former PM David Cameron

Neither Harding nor Coupe is medically trained or from the public sector, neither appointment underwent a competitive process

Industry "secondee” used a private gmail address for his “VIP stakeholder engagement"

Public accounts committee findings -Failure of T&T

As the PM's Anti- Corruption Champion Harding's husband was tasked with scrutinising T&T programme for corruption

Test & Trace Team join Plymouth Brethren


Initially denied -Testing contracts also subject to Tory "VIP Lanes"

39 Companies and 11 Universities involved

Waste: Taner Pharma + Medco

Contracts were awarded secretly, without competition


Some "VIP"Contracts and Tory Sponsors:

Innova Health £4 billion- Dominic Cummings: FDA tests are risk to health

Immensa -£119m -Testing failures Conflicts of interest Never accredited to carry out Covid tests

Surescreen Diagnostics £500m - Liam Fox MP – donated £20k to Fox. Initial Denials

Ecolog £38m – Hancock)- Ecolog paid despite contract being cancelled

LumiraDx £45m - Lord Prior Lord Bethell

OptiGene c£323m - Lord Bethell /Cabinet Office Official

Accora - £18m- Lord Lansley

Abingdon Health £85m– despite no actual Covid Test

Randox (Tory Donor) £400m - Owen Patterson MP and paid adviser to Randox

Also see:









Government Surveillance of citizens


Secretive Whitehall units

Army spying

Ex-cabinet minister probes

The Clearing House

Cabinet Office unit ‘blacklisting’

UK govt lack of transparency

Secret unit that sits at the heart of government

Michael Gove misled MPs

Thermal screening

Employers & businesses ride roughshod over privacy laws

Legal implications of thermal screening


Facial recognition

Surveillance camera use unlawful

Automatic Facial Recognition (AFR) deployments not in accordance with the law

Police should be banned from using live facial recognition technology in all public spaces - breaches human rights

Facial recognition generally

Data Protection

The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill poses serious threats to privacy

The Bill paves the way for a Digital Identity framework

Government plans to remove the GDPR are an assault to rights and freedoms

Online Safety Bill

Spy clause’ in Online Safety Bill introduces scanning of our private messages

State censorship of online speech

ULEZ cameras

ULEZ cameras used for snooping

Met Police could be given Ulez cameras to use for law enforcement

Privacy issues over TFL decision to hand over ‘sole control’ of newly installed cameras to Met for crime detection

Info on historic legal challenge

ULEZ expansion to cost taxpayers £200 million to implement

The Schools Bill

Dead but not completely gone - home schooled children to be placed on a register

Letter to Govt on home school register

Govt policy statements


Operation overreach - Save Our Rights

Your general privacy rights against police and state surveillance explained

Table shows the increase in Revenues for four of the biggest companies involved in the manufacture of Covid-19 injections.

Total Revenue Increase of $118Bn for just these companies since 2019 - split almost evenly with c$20Bn each for Moderna, AstraZeneca and BioNtech and with Pfizer taking the remaining half of c£60Bn.

Manufacturers have been granted immunity by Govts across the world for any harm caused by these experimental injections.

These Injections are causing Deaths and Injuries

Tax Payers Paying To Make Covid-19 Injection Billionaires

Injections Didn't Even Work

Not Even Tested to See if they Worked

Those who were meant to protect the public benefited / supported them too:

US Lawmakers

UK Prime Minister

More than two thirds of US Congress

US Media



UK Regulator







Rishi's Father- in Law : Billionaire N.R. Narayana Murthy (Net worth $4.3bn)

N. R. Narayana Murthy:

Chart Above Shows the Spike in Wealth of Narayana since 2020

Often called the Bill Gates of India

Free Covid "vaccines" for all

Support for Injection Roll Out

One of 12 on the UN Foundation Board of Directors

Member of the Trilateral Commission


Co-chair of WEF in 2005 with Bill Gates

WEF and Infosys

Winner of the James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award

Owner of Venture Capital Fund Catamaran

Sunak's wife, Catamaran & Rishi's Policy

Award for Bill Gates

Digital Transformation with Microsoft and Murthy (

Deaths from Cough Syrup

Chairman of the Governing board of Public Health Foundation of India

Governing Council of Save The Children

"..he (AB) started a new campaign to tell the public that the Govt and their international network of World Economic Forum stooges are encouraging everyone to eat insects . Those are outrageous conspiracy theories.."

Mordaunt wrote a book (2021) "Greater: Britain After the Storm":

  1. "Censorship is fine if it is developed by “elected and accountable representatives”, otherwise “violent noises from the looneyverse” will wreck public discourse”
  2. Boris Johnson, Tony Blair and Bill Gates wrote the Foreword

WEF Attendee in 2019

"WEF Puppet"

"She will make an excellent PM for the corporations, oil co's..pharma giants carving up the NHS..and chums who hide their money in secret accounts"

Mordaunt with Gates

Gates and Mordaunt launch the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

World is a better for having Bill Gates in it

Head of Foreign Press for George W. Bush’s election campaign

Royal Navy credentials questioned by officers



Estimate of Govt spend - March 2022 - £310 to £410 billion

11.7 million jobs furloughed cost taxpayer £70 billion

PPE - £12 billion spent in 1st year - £4 billion of PPE to be burnt

"failure to comply with req of Managing Public Money"


Lockdown scared patients from hospital - excess deaths surge

Effect of lockdown killing more people than Covid

7.21 million people waiting for NHS treatment,pre-pandemic%20in%20January%202020.

Tens of thousands” of patients may die needlessly - lockdown cancer treatment delay

For every 3 "covid" deaths, another 2 were caused by lockdown

Lockdown will claim the equivalent of 560,000 lives

Read the report here

See Bob Moran discuss here

Costs of lockdown to society far outweighed benefits


Cost of living & effect on food

Education and other issues

Rise of 1493% in child abuse

Post lockdown Children in crisis

72 studies document child harms

More than 12,000 children enduring “dangerous” NHS waits

LINK between Covid policies, inflation & ongoing cost of living crisis

COST of living crisis worse than could be due to Government policy during lockdown

1 in 4 older teenagers has mental health disorder after Covid lockdowns fuel cost of living crisis

LOCKDOWN Worst Economic Downturn Since Great Depression

JUST one year of Covid lockdowns cost UK economy £251bn

SUPPLY chain issues - 300,000 a day could die of hunger

BUSINESS closures continue to rise

THE price Britain paid for lockdown was colossal

LOCKDOWN resulted in more billionaires & more people living in extreme poverty

PUBLIC spending for lockdown amounted to £4,600 - £6,100 per person in the UK

UK government borrowing surges - £136bn borrowed between April & November 21

£25 billion of tax rises and £25 billion of spending cuts - paying for lockdown

GOVERNMENT has risked & lost unacceptable billions of taxpayers’ money in its Covid response


5th April 2023 :Sturgeon's husband (Peter Murrell) held in Scottish funds probe

Full details of arrest

£600,000 SNP fraud - alleged misuse of election funds

Police investigation over money donated by EuroMillions winners

Claims Peter Murrell ‘lied under oath’

Refutes Lies Under Oath

Sturgeon's husband in row over 'murky' £100,000 loan to SNP

Misled party members and the Scottish public about the size of the electorate

Call for Full Audit of Leadership Vote

Police launch investigation over SNP donations -2021

Handling of claims of bullying and sexual harassment

Role in Alex Salmon Case


Internet gossip part of her resignation

Sturgeon's plans for Gender Reform

Children as young as nine prescribed puberty blockers at Sturgeon-backed gender clinic

Rejects cronyism accusation over ferries contract

Sturgeon and Hillary Clinton list key recommendations for gender equity

Talk on Climate Change

Climate Change

Talk for Council on Foreign Relations

Book Publisher £295k taxpayers' cash Scandal

One of Nicola Sturgeon's key WEF advisers on the Covid pandemic

Nicola Sturgeon’s Motivation

Future Roles?

Sturgeon's Push for Vaccines as Health Secretary for 2009 Swine Flu

Strong Pusher for Covid Restrictions + Injections (incl children)

NHS Whistleblower - Corporate Manslaughter - Covid

Face mask breach

Science, the Transgender Phenomenon & the Young

Transgenderism a Sign of Cultural Collapse

Those behind the Transgender Movement

Who is funding it?

Billionaire Family Pushing Agenda

Men Behind Puberty Blockers

Arcus Foundation (Like the Gates Foundation for LGBTQ)


"It doesn't fix anything"

Regretting decision

Website of info

Broken Child

WEF-Why LGBT+ inclusion is the secret to cities' post-pandemic success

Language Mediates Reality

Freedom to debate

Treatments are Experimental

Mental difficulties'ttheSolution-WSJ.pdf

Abolishing Sex for gender

Inclusiveness or Brainwashing?

Irreversible Damage

Planned Parenthood

Brown Uni 14 reassignment surgeries for students

Sweden U-Turn on Children

Suing NHS

Posie Parker


Agenda 2030

Attack on Children

State Sponsored Religion



Ideology v Reality


Facts v Feelings


Part 1 - the technocratic plan

"Net zero needed to save the planet"

C40 cities

What you will eat, items of clothes you can buy yearly, reduction on travel

C40 report

C40 cities "must undertake unprecedented increase in scale of climate action, doing 125% more"

Councils committed to delivering "net zero"

UK Government absolute zero all airports to close between 2020 & 2029 except Heathrow, Glasgow & Belfast

Climate and ecology bill making its way through Parliament

Energy security bill transitioning to net zero

Government "nudging" to change behaviours

Chris Skidmore

UK review of net zero delivery by 2050 - legally binding goals


gfanz - UN backed global financial alliance pushing net zero

Soros - donates ??1billion

Schwab - 4th industrial revolution



Agenda 21 - renamed agenda 2030

Behind the green mask

Part 2 - the REAL science

Man made climate change a fraud
top climate scientists 'cover up' fact that Earth's temperature hasn't risen for last 15 years

1501 scientists and professionals sign declaration
there is NO climate emergency

NASA satellites show no CO2 warming

No reliable scientific evidence that Sea level rises accelerating

Humans do not contribute to global warming
2018 report

Flawed climate models
lack of understanding of Earth?s climate system - cannot determine reliably the magnitude of climate change caused by anthropogenic CO2?emissions

Net Zero Will Impoverish Britain

Commentators & news around world:
David Bellamy deceased
Steve Koonin
EU net zero plan in tatters
93 percent oppose 2030 petrol and diesel car ban
Berliners vote down referendum on tighter climate goals
Mark Steyn
Ron Barmby
Jordan Peterson

Around one third of all registered voters do not vote in elections. These are potential protest voters.

So, if you do not have an independent candidate to vote for, then consider making your vote still count - as a protest vote to send a message to the establishment that no candidate standing is suitable for you. This could be because you feel they are supporting globalist technocratic control policies, or for other reasons.

Simply strike a line through all candidates and write "NONE" on the ballot paper to send a clear message, as this will spoil your ballot.

The number of spoiled ballots have to be read out. Imagine if the number is 30%

Make your vote count by voting "NONE" if there is no independent candidate, or other candidate suitable, to vote for.

There's no reason to be silent.

More info here


In 2015 the leaders of 193 countries signed their population up to Agenda 2030

What is Sustainable Development (SD)?
SD is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?

Core Principles:

Universality (all countries committed to whole Agenda regardless of any unique factors)

Leaving No One Behind (all people will be included; ?with unprecedented need for data to ensure this principle is met?)

Interconnectedness and Indivisibility ? no pick and mix approach to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ? all to be followed

Inclusiveness ? the entire population must follow

Multi Stakeholder Partnerships ? establishment seen as essential to deliver all SDG?s

Dimensions of the Agenda (the 5Ps)
People, Prosperity, Planet, Partnership and Peace

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Used to focus on areas necessary to achieve SD


Each SDG has 8-12 targets & 1-4 indicators of progress

Goal 1: End poverty
Goal 2: End hunger
Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives
Goal 4: Quality education
Goal 5: Gender equality
Goal 6: Water/sanitation for all
Goal 7: Affordable clean energy for all
Goal 8: Economic growth/full + productive employment
Goal 9: Resilient infrastructure, sustainable industrialization/innovation
Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries
Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient & sustainable
Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption + production patterns
Goal 13: Combat climate change
Goal 14: Conserve/sustainably use oceans, seas & marine resources
Goal 15: Promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, forests, deserts & land
Goal 16: Promote inclusive societies, access to justice + accountable institutions
Goal 17: Strengthen/revitalise the Global Partnership for SD


1. Zero Poverty
UBI's, Centralised Banking, IMF / World Bank, CBDC's

2. Zero Hunger
Fake Meat, GMO's, Eat Insects

3. Good Health/Well-being
Mass Injections, "Vaccine Passports" , Codex Alimentarius, Masks, State monitoring, Limit access to natural remedies

4. Good Education
State controlled propaganda from birth. Ignorance of basic information to support independence from the system

5. Gender Equality
Transgenderism, Population Control, Breakdown of the family

6. Clean Water and Sanitation
State control of water supply and chemicals added (e.g. fluoride)

7. Affordable and Clean Energy
SMART grid, SMART metres, Peak Pricing, Electric Cars, raising gas/ energy prices, Green Taxes

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
Mega-corporations, Crash Economies, Control of means of production , Destroy small businesses

9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Restrictions on travel,closure of airports, 15 min cities

10. Reduce Inequality within and between countries
Crash economies, CBDC'S,UBI'S

11. Safe + Sustainable Human Settlements + Cities
15 mins cities, ULEZ, Big Brother surveillance, Digital ID's, 5g

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
Limits on consumption (CBDC's), Taxes

13. Stop Climate Change
Climate Lockdowns, carbon taxes, control via CBDC'S

14. Sustainable Use of Life Below Water
Control of oceans + mineral rights, GMO'S

15. Sustainable Use of Life On Land
Control of land + mineral rights, GMO'S

16. Peace, Justice, Inclusion and Strong Institutions
Remove rights of individual, use of CBDC's, "Online Safety Bills", Hate Speech Laws, Social isolation

17. Global Partnerships
Remove national sovereignty, WEF, Civil Society, Corporatocracy, NGO's

Part 1 - Overview

Lyric Jain took public money to assist the UK Govt to surveil citizens in an effort to help shape their Covid narrative.

He appears to have links to shady organisations and possibly even people in the NHS.

He also appears to operate by threatening anyone that questions his tactics, and shoddy fact checking, and engages in "underhand disinformation campaigning leading to some of our voluntary senior clinician members who are full time nhs employees, facing long investigation processes" according to Hart Group in their article linked in part 2.

Obviously make up your own mind about him and Logically AI. After all, that's only logical ?

Part 1

Oliver Dowden - man at heart of Govt counter disinformation unit announces strategy

Key goal 1 - develop a biothreats radar & national biosurveillance network

Key goal 2 - 100 Days Mission - make available vaccines, therapeutics & diagnostics within 100 days of an "epidemic or pandemic threat"

WHO is encouraging countries to use genomic sequencing as part of global genomic-surveillance strategy as reported by Blair Institute for Global Change

In line with key goal 1 UK to develop pandemic radar to track "emerging diseases". WHO will lead implementation group, supported by Wellcome Trust.

Govt want to "embed One Health and climate focused approach" to "biological security" which mirrors a narrative from The World Bank

Cost to tax payer will be ?1.5 billion a year

Luckily for us The Rockefeller Foundation is developing a pandemic prevention institute to run alongside this and produce "data insights"

Part 2

The government says it will work closely with the private sector and non-government partners, including:

The Wellcome Trust

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA),

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)

The International Biosecurity and Biosafety Initiative for Science (IBBIS)

Data capture :

Likely sources of data to enable the system to work are via these government systems here and via the NHS digital service here as was seen during "Covid", so do check you have opted out of data sharing with the NHS.


We are going to be the most surveilled and tracked country in the world soon and it remains to be seen whether they will try and "persuade" us to have a health app to facilitate this.

More to come...